Documentation for WC Address Fields on User Registration


If you've purchased WC AFOUR PRO in the last year, you can download a zip file with the latest version of the plugin from the downloads section of your account. If you're upgrading from the LITE version, you should deactivate or delete it from your site first.

To install, upload the zip file to your WordPress site through the admin panel in Plugins -> Add New -> Upload. Once the plugin is installed, you'll need to activate it. You'll now see a new settings section under WooCommerce -> Address Fields on User Registration where you can configure the WooCommerce registration address fields.

Note: For this plugin to work you must have WooCommerce Activated with Customer Registration enabled. You can do this in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts.


With the PRO version you can add custom CSS to the registration page. See below for the field id reference.

Billing Fields
Billing First Nameinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_first_name
Billing Last Nameinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_last_name
Billing Companyinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_company
Billing Address Line 1input[type="text"]#reg_billing_address_1
Billing Address Line 2input[type="text"]#reg_billing_address_2
Billing Town/Cityinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_city
Billing Countyinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_state
Billing Post Codeinput[type="text"]#reg_billing_postcode
Billing Countryselect#reg_billing_country
Billing Phone Numberinput[type="tel"]#reg_billing_phone
Shipping Fields
Shipping First Nameinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_first_name
Shipping Last Nameinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_last_name
Shipping Companyinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_company
Shipping Address Line 1input[type="text"]#reg_shipping_address_1
Shipping Address Line 2input[type="text"]#reg_shipping_address_2
Shipping Town/Cityinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_city
Shipping Countyinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_state
Shipping Post Codeinput[type="text"]#reg_shipping_postcode
Shipping Countryselect#reg_shipping_country