Top 5 2020 Web Design Trends

Published on December 28, 2019

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Top 5 2020 Web Design Trends

Published on December 28, 2019

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With 2020 just around the corner, let’s have look at the top 5 up and coming web design trends.

Minimalism & Bold Colours

I took a lot of flak when I originally concocted my bright orange with turquoise and yellow colour scheme back in 2017. I guess I must have just been ahead of the curve though, because now bold colours are in! Designers are starting to realise that bright colours can help brands to stand our from the crowd (especially online), and it can help make your website’s key content more noticeable as well. Minimalism is coming back too, so expect to see more white space surrounding those bold colours and elements.

Hardware advancements are also playing a part in the bold colour revolution, with many mobile devices now adopting IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen technology, making colours appear brighter and sharper on mobile screens, and preventing contrasting colours from bleeding into each other.

Flyout navigation

Talking of minimalism, flyout navigation is on the rise too. This makes a lot of sense in the age of mobile browsing, as moving the navigation elements off-screen not only makes your site look and feel more like a native mobile experience, but it can also help to free up a considerable amount of space in your site’s header as well, which, as any good web designer should know, is prime website real-estate.

Video & Animation

If a picture says a thousand words, then how many does a video say? Research has shown that video, motion and animated content is a great way to engage people online, and many social media marketers are making use of the medium to create highly engaging ads across Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Even though video & motion graphics have been widely used in web design for a long time (throwback to the motion-sickness-inducing animated gifs from the 90s web), it seems to be becoming a more and more popular way to create high-impact visuals that can give your visitors a great first impression when visiting your site, and sum up what your business or service is about in a digestible and entertaining way.

3D & Interaction

Along with video and animation, 3D and interactive media are also growing in popularity. 3D really is the next step from placing videos on your site, and with JavaScript libraries like three.js paving the way for 3D in web design, I think we’ll start to see a lot more 3D visuals across the web over the coming years.

Interactivity is also becoming easier to implement and therefore more popular. Combined with 3D, video and/or graphics, it’s also an excellent way to immerse and engage your website visitors in a way that no other medium can.

Bold Typography


With more and more websites looking for new ways to make their brand stand out, bold typography and oversized lettering is becoming more and more popular. Along with the use of motion, minimalism and interactive elements, this can be a great way to create visual impact and make a brand name, slogan or key message more recognisable and memorable.

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